Diseases and Treatment

Addressing Suboptimal Treatment Response in HIV

A panel of experts on HIV discuss decision-making practices for patients who have suboptimal response to their current treatment regimen. Source link

FDA Advises Manufacturers to Consider KP.2 Strain for COVID-19 Vaccines

FDA has continued to monitor the circulating strains of SARS-CoV-2. Based on the most current available data, along with the recent rise in...

Proper Dosing and Clinical Management of Concurrent Therapy

Contagion: What are your initial considerations when choosing an empiric therapy for these patients?Jones: From my standpoint as an ID pharmacist, whether you...

The Surge in Antibiotic Resistance Observed Among Gonorrhoea

Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the bacterium responsible for the sexually transmitted infection Gonorrhea. Image credits: UnsplashThe most recent findings in the European Union/European Economic Area...

Nearly a Quarter of Hospitalized RSV Patients Experience a Cardiac Event

Illustration Credit: Bing CopilotIn a large, long-term study, 22% of patients who were hospitalized for RSV experienced a cardiac event, with the most...

Are There Specific Subpopulations Who Benefit More From RSV Vaccines?

At the end of May, the FDA approved Moderna’s mRNA 1345 (mRESVIA) vaccine. With this latest approval, there are now 3 FDA-approved RSV...

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